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Bisa Academy is a digital platform aimed at assisting future business leaders in self-development and their company’s development through learning and networking.


A deep understanding of business, leadership, sustainable innovation, a broad network, and a global mindset is essential for corporate and organizational leaders. Therefore, Bisa Academy offers an education and human development service for executives and professionals with the support of the best universities, organizations, and institutions in Indonesia.



Why We Exist?


In the era of the digital economy, businesses have entered the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era, where an executive must continuously develop competencies to enhance value and competitive advantages. Rapid changes in everything demand us to constantly learn, innovate, and create a work culture that can optimize performance.


Bisa Academy is here to bridge the gap between competency development and networking, which can enhance the business ecosystem in the digital era that constantly demands us to implement business transformation.